Winter Chalet Retreat

While historically the mountain chalets were used for sheep and cow herders in the Alpine region of Europe, it quickly went from utilitarian to luxury when skiing became increasingly popular. These areas transformed themselves into tourist hotspots considered fashionable resort towns. The alps have become one of the most luxurious places to travel during this time of year. The beautiful winter views and extravagant architecture of these Alpine ski lodges brings in people from all over the world. 

Dripping in wintery icicles and decorative frescoes, find the ultimate form of relaxation in the Alps. Whether you have a lodge style home in need of an update or gathering cabin design ideas to use outside the slopes, the winter chalet stepping stones can help you get started. 

Invest in a Large, Cozy Sofa

The classic chalet interior will contain large, comfortable furniture. For a modern take, you can opt for a grey or white sofa. Combine these deep seated sofas with an oversized ottoman and a large boxy club chair for a cozy look. A buttery leather or plaid is ideal for a chalet style home, giving it warmth and a winter feel.



Bring in the Outdoors

Not only is it important to bring textures in that you see outdoors, but to mirror the scale of what surrounds the property. If you are seeing large redwoods and pines, be sure to include dominating and dramatic pieces in the home. Natural wood floors or stone are great additions that play into the winter chalet style. Animal hides and thick pile rugs add a great sense of texture to your home that brings a more rugged look to your space.

Use Wintery Hues 

Combine dark colors like inky navy, charcoal grey, bottle green, black-brown, or even more traditional colors like plum and burgundy which always convey a sense of sophistication. These colors pair well with brown natural textures and icy whites. 

Finding the perfect winter style can be a challenge, but if you're searching for an elegant feel to your cabin, this is just the right look. 

S H O P   T H E    W I N T E R   C H A L E T   C O L L E C T I O N