New Year's Eve Party
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New Year's Eve Party

Finding the New Year's Eve party look that fits your aesthetic involves a variety of different items that pull together styles from different ends of the spectrum. It's time to flaunt your luxurious lifestyle and go all out. Allow the design to incorporate both the old and the new, playing with the idea of time. Remember, it's all in the details. The theme is in the decor - and this year we aren't talking about balloons. 

Achieving an attractive ambiance is imperative to a successful New Year's Eve look. An elegant space transforms the energy your soirees and will give off a more dreamy, whimsical style. 

Vintage Look & A Wine Bar

Creating an antique look to your home adds a feeling of timelessness. Vintage bar carts are stylish and practical for festivities. A bar cart is essential to a memorable NYE party with its art deco style and accessibility. Wine racks also give your home an elevated touch and also add exciting . Decorate with clocks and vintage objects this year instead of the typical balloons for a more unique spin to your evening.

Warm Ambiance

Using warm lighting coming from chandeliers or floor lamps is another way to cultivate an elegant ambiance to your home. Utilize the lighting to accent certain areas of the party- almost like a spotlight of sorts. Bright lighting will take away from the theme of the place. 


Keep it Shiny

Knowing the difference between what metals are warm and which are cool is imperative to your journey of incorporating mixed metals to your evening look. Brassgold, and copper are considered warm metals and they pair beautifully with spaces that utilize warm colors such as beiges and yellows. Cool metals would be stainless steel, chrome, and silver and would naturally go well with different cool tones such as blues and greens. You want to create a balance when you begin working with more than one kind of metal. 

Enjoy your final hours of 2020 in style and find just what you need to create the perfect theme in your home. Enjoy your evening with the perfect ambiance with your loved ones. 


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