Cozy Up Your Space
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Cozy Up Your Space

Sprucing up your space with throw pillows is one of the best ways to transform a house into a home. They can easily complement your interior design, whether you like a contemporary, rustic or retro theme. If you want to to update a room's style for a new season or just to add some fresh colors and textures, throws and pillows are going to be your best bet. It creates a personal touch to living room sofa, hallway benches, and pretty much anything in the bedroom.  

3 Tips To Use Pillows And Throws To Cozy Up Your Space

Play With Colors And Patterns
Pillows is an affective way to balance the color scheme of a room. Incorporating cushions in neutral palette can tone down a bright room. In the same way, bold colors and patterns will add a pop of color into a more mellow scheme. Learning to play with shades and prints is an effective design technique to create a nice contrast in a room.

Experiment With Shapes
Your throws and pillows don’t always have to be perfectly symmetrical. You can do square, round or rectangular shapes. Try to arrange your decorative throw pillows with unique shapes and sizes to create a quirky look. 

Combine Textures
Using cushions with interesting textures is another way to brighten up your space. To personalize your area, choose pillows with different textures such as velvet, jute, or boucle, depending on your own preferences. Texture and material is ideal for creating an exciting aesthetics look that isn't limited to color, print, or shape.

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