Choosing the Best Coffee Table Set for Your Home

Perfecting your home interior takes a lot of work; from choosing furniture that matches your wall decors and carpets to adding details like cushions and lighting. But there is one thing that is often overlooked while making decorating decisions for the living room- coffee tables.

Often serving as a centerpiece in living rooms, a coffee table brings an element of style and function. With a wide array to choose from, this piece of furniture has become a reflection of the personality of homeowners.

Coffee tables have made progress from being a discretionary piece to a staple home décor item. Coffee table used to be just a spot to place drinks between sips, but now it has evolved into a multi-functioning furniture. It holds newspapers, magazines, or books, and has a lot of storage options. It also creates a sense of being put together in any living area.

From marble to reclaimed wood, there are so many coffee table types to choose from – it’s daunting to pick just one!

Here we help you with some guidelines for picking out the best coffee table for your living room and the top coffee table types of 2021!

Essential Things to Consider When Buying a Coffee Table

When shopping for a coffee table, be sure to consider the essential factors like size, shape, material, style, and utility. 

  1. Materials - Wood and leather are easy to maintain and highly durable while acrylic and glass coffee tables provide a lighter look and can open up smaller spaces.
  2. Shape - This matters when it comes to styling the coffee table along with your sofa. An oval or a rectangular coffee table goes well with a standard horizontal couch. However, a square or round-shaped coffee table fits better into a sectional or L-shaped sofa. So, set your heart on a coffee table that best suits your interior style.
  3. Size - Everything you put into your home occupies a certain space so it’s important to determine whether your coffee table fits just right. Too big will make your space look cramped and restricting while too small may provide unpleasant sparseness.   

Determine what works best for your home and your intended use, then choose the one that best fits all your requirements.  

Best Coffee Tables of 2021

Black Marble Coffee Table Set

Resembling a faceted diamond, the remarkable Black Marble Coffee Table Set is one of the most sought-after styles in the market. This gorgeous set is made of black faux marble that features white swirls and veins.

This set of coffee tables pairs well with carpeted rooms or wood floors. It adds elegance to the space and is sure to be a high-impact anchor piece in your living room interior.

Add glamour to your space or conservatory with the captivating Black Marble Coffee Table Set.

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Vintage Mastercraft Coffee Table

Create a vintage style to your interior by opting for this Vintage Mastercraft Coffee Table. This chic coffee table boasts a refined seventies silhouette with its attractive black glass tabletop and brushed brass finish frame.

This vintage coffee table evokes a sense of eccentric design and philosophies. It has a retro vibe that adds a classy, unique touch to the room. If you want to design a space with many retro-themed decors, a vintage coffee table would be the best choice to keep the cohesive structure and integrity.   

Regardless of its retro design, the Vintage Mastercraft Coffee Table fits seamlessly into many interior schemes.

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Gold Wood Slice Coffee Table Set

The Gold Wood Slice Coffee Table Set is another masterpiece in the coffee table arena. The structure of wood grains provides a unique appearance to the coffee table.

Featuring wooden table tops with a bronze finish, this distinctive coffee table is suitable for a variety of interior styles and color schemes. The table set varies in height and features black legs.

This wooden coffee table set is versatile, durable, and will look elegant in any living space. It will easily complement the modern home decor. It also displays a warm, timeless, and relaxed feeling when placed in the center of a room.

Pick this perfect Gold Wood Slice Coffee Table Set for a rustic look in your living room.

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Unique Petrified Wood Coffee Table Set

The Petrified Wood Coffee Table Set is one of the most popular styles in recent times. Grains, knots, and holes provide a unique appearance to this coffee table set with petrified wood top.

Featuring natural brown, gray and white tones, this distinctive coffee table set is suitable for various interior styles and color schemes. It varies in height and features bronze-finish legs.

Liven the look of your room with this Unique Petrified Wood Coffee Table Set!

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To sum up, the best coffee table is the one that meets your requirements in terms of price, size, style, and function. Therefore, determine your needs and choose wisely. 

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