French Countryside


Gaze upon the open fields whilst enjoying a cup of your favorite coffee. Fall is here, and there is no better place to be than the French countryside. Life is slower, simpler, and a relaxing way to live out your days. The leaves change color and transform a field filled with greenery into orange and red hues. Stroll around the local village or hike the nearby hills. Run through fields and take in the breeze. Embrace the freedom and space. Fill your heart with warmth and the natural world. Bask in the sun's rays and enjoy the comfort of the countryside. 

You can spend time supporting your local farm and practice resourcefulness. Take a shift towards a more waste free lifestyle and live with only what you need. Stress less and serve yourself a glass of wine. Spend time at home and learn here how to bring the French countryside out of your dreams and into your space. 



The homes of the countryside have wood beamed ceilings, natural stone flooring, and beautiful curves incorporated into the architecture. The interior design style that of the French countryside has a more refined elegance. Use white washes wood for a soft countryside feel that isn't overwhelming. Merge the rustic and the elegant fearlessly, using neutrals and one bold accent color. You want the neutrals chosen to be warm tones as this design style is generally warm. Utilize curved furniture and do not hesitate to play with patterns. This is your chance to get creative, just because the goal of the space is to be clean and comfortable, doesn't mean you can't play with pattern.

It is easy to confuse the design style of the French countryside with that of a rustic farm look. The way to differentiate is by the level of elegance it has. French countryside interiors have a more luxurious design and lean into floral patterns and soft colors. It is the opportunity to blend the old with the new and use your favorite vintage pieces with your more contemporary furniture. Gaze upon the fields and relax at home this fall in a calming, French country home. 




S H O P     T  H  E     F  R  E  N  C  H    C  O  U  N  T  R  Y  S  I  D  E