Softness & Woods
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Softness & Woods

WINTER is upon us and we are ready to feel the cool breeze and the leaves rustle as they begin to change in color. This time of year gives us comfort and warmth with the woods being such a serene escape from reality. The calming nature of a wooden area with nothing but the sound of wind, leaves, and birds filling your ears. As nature prepares for hibernation, so do we and just like clockwork, the world begins to return to the indoors for winter seeking comfort and rest. 


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This autumn/winter design style brings the softness of the woods into your home. Use this as an opportunity to explore soft textures, organic shapes, and natural materials. Create a soothing atmosphere in your space  where comfort is key. Grab your soft blankets, pastel pillows, and wooden objects to create a minimalistic, soft woodsy paradise. 


Use soft and fluffy textures, warm lights for areas with no natural light, and touches of wood. This design style gives your interior a clean yet rustic look that is both comforting and stylish. White is a perfect pairing with this wooden, forest feel, putting the emphasis on texture.There is something truly serene about bringing the outdoors into your space.


#1 Eichholtz Retailer in the US


S H O P   T H E   S O F T N E S S    &   W O O D S   C O L L E C T I O N 


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