OROA is part of the OROA Group - a distributor and reseller for several European brands in the US and EU. Our distinctive assortment of furniture, lighting & accessories is currently taking the U.S. and European markets by storm!

We began with Eichholtz in 2014, servicing domestic and international clients alike with the largest catalog of Eichholtz items in the western hemisphere. Today we have an extensive catalog - offering brands like Andrew Martin, Pols Potten and Liang & Eimil.

Explore a variety of brands that produce beautiful premium pieces, and create a combination of comfort and style.



Born and raised in The Netherlands, Gaby moved to Miami, Fl. years ago with the mission to expand the luxury furniture brand Eichholtz.

After being a client of the brand herself for many years and watching how Eichholtz had evolved in such a short amount of time in Europe, it was obvious that the brand needed more exposure abroad.

Gaby decided to bring the well-known Dutch brand to the next level and introduce their beautiful products to the United States. OROA has now become the #1 Eichholtz retailer in the US. Years after building a solid foundation of thousands of happy returning customers, OROA has now entered a new phase of consolidation and expansion. 

Besides Eichholtz, we also carry other distinctive brands like; Andrew Martin and Liang & Eimil from the UK. The Pols Potten and Oroa Collection are also one of our new best-selling brands on the website!

"A lot of exciting news is coming this year to continue to accelerate the development of Eichholtz in the US market" Stay tuned… Websites like: Woodfurniture.com, Dutchfurniture.com, Oroatrade.com, Meubleluxe.fr, Oroa.es are also part of the OROA GROUP

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We love design and the journey that comes with it from the creative inception process, to the premium finished product in the showroom, and finally to the heart of your home. Our wonderful partnered brands collaborate with designers from across the world to create original captivating designs.

We genuinely love the brands that we sell and are proud to deliver a personal, friendly service with every purchase - online or in-store. Our International team of professional specialists bring OROA to life each day with their inspiration, dedication, and talent. If you need help or have questions, we are available via email, phone or live chat to offer advice and answer questions.

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Our experts have the experience to help you bring your vision to life. OROA has helped create untold numbers of beautiful commercial & residential projects. We pride ourselves with the expert design advice and service we are able to provide our clients. Whether you need a Free Design Consultation or you are an industry professional looking to join our exclusive Trade Program, we’ll be here to help.


Our team is always ready to assist with any questions you may have about design, specifications, availability, or price.We pride ourselves on our transparency and quality of customer service.Don’t hesitate to contact us via call, email, or chat. We would be happy to help!


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