Even if you don't have a beach house or a boat, these coastal home interior design ideas can still make your home feel like a seaside residence.

Coastal home interior design ideas | Eichholtz | OROA - Furniture store MiamiCoastal interior design
Contemporary coastal is a long time favorite among interior designers and homeowners, especially in Miami since we’re surrounded by water. Coastal interior designs are always inspiring and bring the look and feel of summer into your home. A coastal inspired home or room feels cozy and welcoming. It embraces light and a more relaxed way of living, a perfect vibe to create in your Miami home. This style is all about creating a bright & breezy atmosphere indoors.

Summer & Sea inspired accents
Coastal home or Nautical home interiors are designed with comfort and color in mind and a connection with the outdoors. You’ll see summer and sea-inspired accessories throughout the rooms. Blue and white are a typical choice of colors, complimented by natural elements.

Showcase a balance between style & design
Add a pop of color with coral red, orange or dark wood accents. White is the best choice for living room furniture, as you can never go wrong with a white backdrop. The colors in the coastal home are inspired by the sea, sand and shells which give the interior an airy appeal. But it’s all about showcasing a beautiful balance between staying true to the style and still embracing sleek contemporary design.

Nautical home design | OROA - Contemporary Furniture store MiamiAt OROA we have the furniture, accessories and very experienced interior designers all under one roof to turn your interior into a beautiful contemporary coastal home.

With these selected coastal interior furniture and accessories all you want to do is open the windows and let the ocean breeze come in!