Somewhere Beyond the Sea
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Somewhere Beyond the Sea

Sailing in Style

 Come along for the ride on The Ocean Alexander project and Heesen Yacht project! We ask that you come and marvel at our spectacular Eichholtz interiors. Once again, OROA came up with a vision for a beautiful boating experience like no other. Please step inside this nautical fantasy with all of our modern and contemporary pieces. 

This year we have Heesen Yachts, Ocean Alexander, and many other projects teaming up with us for this grand scale event along the Virginia Key shores. Heesen Yachts is a Dutch brand that has pioneered the design and custom-built boating industry. Since its inception, it has launched more than 170 brands. This year we teamed up with their brilliant innovating engineers to create a luxurious treat for everyone to enjoy. 

Another project we are excited about is the Ocean Alexander project. Ocean Alexander Yachts is a Taiwanese yacht manufacturer company that takes your breath away with their yacht designs. The journey beyond the sea can be a gruesome and at times an unpredictable one.  Ocean Alexander with their interior design team and OROA furniture interior have created a comforting experience that will make this adventure a lot smoother. 

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