Golden wheat sheaves that glimmer when sunlight is at its brightest, and the royal blue of Delftware is the contrast you need to manifest a beautiful arrangement for your interiors. Introduce these elements to your space and use soft tones to balance the strong glamorous gold. There is something regal about the  Eichholtz Bonheur, with an Art Deco essence in its delivery that can be diverse and functional. 

The Eichholtz Voyage is an earthy tone hand-woven jute rug that can add a simplistic detail to any space. The room is tied together with this rug as it encompasses an organic aesthetic with the glamorous gold and decorative royal blue Delftware. The detail on the rug has a gorgeous and unique look as it is handmade for originality. 

What better way to shine a light on the details of this room than the Eichholtz Moreaux? A decadent and antique chandelier that is inspired by French country style interiors. Illuminate your space with style and elegance as this chandelier can express a glamorous foundation for any arrangement. With a brass finish, this piece is a gorgeous darker contrast from the Eichholtz Bonheur which has a gold finish. 

Guilded Glamour and a connection to the natural aspect of the room, the Eichholtz Boulogne in essence is a beautiful addition to the room. Between the Golden Wheat Sheaves of the Eichholtz Bonheur and the Antique Gold leaves of this mirror, the room manages a nature-like theme. Along with also being inspired by the timeless spirit of the French Renaissance, the elegance continues to make an impression.