You know what they say…..Paris is ALWAYS a good idea. When it comes to beautiful interiors, the French certainly have it down. OROA has taken a look at some chic Parisian interior design styles to pin-point exactly what’s makes the  French style so elegant. From crystal chandeliers to dramatic detailing here is what we discovered from Parisian decorating.

A Parisian must-have is WALL ART. All geometric prints bring your home a little bit closer to obtaining a French interior. Cubism was introduced to us by French painter Georges Braque and a Spanish artist living in Paris — Pablo Picasso. Cubism is characterized by the interlocking of geometric planes and shapes.

The French have a certain appreciation for antiques. An antique mirror, speckled with telltale signs of age like oxidation and scratches, can bring a sense of history that no modern piece can bring. And nothing says French like antique gold! Glamour is a major pillar of Parisian interiors, and a touch gold is often the key to achieving it. A glided antique brass frame hanging over a fireplace, desk or even dresser is often the key to achieving a classic Parisian look.

Another French design essential is always adding a touch of crystal. The use of dramatic crystal chandeliers has become a welcomed norm for Parisian homes along with a multitude of flowers. Adding a chandelier and a hydrangea center to a dining room, bedroom or even a bathroom gives the room a touch of romance and glamour captivating the magnificent allure of the most Romantic City In The World!