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There's nothing more vitalizing and inspiring than nature. Grant tropical opulence to your interior with our new series of delightful decorative objects in botanical designs. That's why floral, botanical and tropical designs are extremely loved by interior designers.

Key features of the botanical trend are vibrant colors, big leaves, exotic flowers and wild animals. Split-leaf Philodendrons and pineapples are popular in tropical design schemes. Integrate both into your home decor for a fresh and lively style.

The Eichholtz Pineapple Series come in a Jar Set of 3, VaseAshtray and Tissue box:

Flamingos are the vintage design element of the moment. Since they are tropical birds, they perfectly blend in the botanical trend. That's why they adorn everything, grom curtains and lampshades to home accessories. Add a touch of vintage style to your interior with our new Eichholtz wall decorations and vases that feature these elegant exotic birds.

The Eichholtz Flamingo series come in a Jar Set of 2 and a Wall Decoration Plates set of 8.

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