How To: Table Lamps
Finding Your Perfect Table Lamp
Choosing table lamps and having them integrate nicely with your interior style can be tricky but I am here to help you with a few certain rules. When using table lamps in your living areas, a technique used by a lot of interior designers nowadays is pairing your table lamps on either side of the couch or in two different corners of the room giving your interior a balanced sensation.

Decorating With Table Lamps

Buying a table lamp is not just for illuminating your interior space but can also work as a decorative element making them responsible for adding flair and elegance to your home. When using your lamps as statements in your living area, you should choose a bold color making it the eye-capturing accessory in the room. Table lamps are very adaptable pieces and can be interchangeable between rooms to suit your design layout; the goal always being to match the finishing of your newly found table lamp with the furniture on which it will be placed.

 Matching Your Interior Style

When choosing a table lamp you have to make sure it combines nicely with your already styled interior and added accessories making the shade surrounding the bulb very important. The lampshade has a dramatic impact on the execution of your interior space affecting the light orientation, design, and brightness of your room. If you are looking to make your table lamp the centerpiece of the room, pick a lampshade color from one of your accent color schemes to bring out that color and transforming your lamp into the bold piece you were looking for. 

The Difference Between Modern & Contemporary

Depending on what style you want for your interior here are the deciding factors between modern and contemporary. Lamps with clean lines, bold shapes and bright colors, usually with a more minimalistic style tend to be modern table decor. Pieces with decorative, ornate fine details and fancy curves, usually of bronze or wood finish are classified as classic and even sometimes vintage styled lamps. You can find a plethora of modern, luxurious table lamps designed by Eichholtz that accentuate your space and can be applied to different settings to help you create a beautiful sophisticated ambiance such as these.