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Incorporate surprising pairings to make your dining table and chairs the focal point of your kitchen or dining space.

When mixing and matching furniture pieces, consistency is important, whether it's in terms of style, shape, material or texture. A fashionably coherent dining set-up is created by combining different but complementary components.

Mixing and matching might be a little challenging, but there are some fool proof ways to follow when designing your elegant dining room. OROA presents a Collection of dining tables, chairs, and decors that measure up to the aesthetics of a luxury restaurant.

3 Ways to Mix And Match Your Dining Seating

oroa  | European luxury furniture
1. Keep One Quality Consistent And Make A Few Creative Tweaks.
If you choose to keep consistent with the shape of your dining chairs, you can definitely get away with altering the colors (or vice versa!). These Cooper Dining Chairs by Eichholtz come in different colors that you can alternate and pair it with the Black Tripod Dining Table by Pols Potten or this Black Round Oak Dining Table by Liang & Eimil. The luxuriously upholstered dining chairs are beautifully balanced by the wooden or glass table. This contrast in material creates visual highs and lows, avoiding textural overwhelm.
oroa  | European luxury furniture
2. Alternate your Dining Chairs.
Mixed-and-matched dining chair combinations create an interesting visual effect. Consider alternating the Cliff Dining Chair by Eichholtz and the Jagger Dining Chair by Liang & Eimil, although their style and material is different, both chairs have cut-out backrest element, pulling the space together. These dining chairs are perfectly paired with the Delia Dining Table or Odin Dining Table both by OROA. This look also makes the space more dimensional and stylish!
oroa  | European luxury furniture
3. Add A Bench To The Mix.
Bench seating is ideal since it is comfortable, relaxing, and allows for greater flexibility in sitting arrangements when you have more guests than expected. Using a bench (or two!) instead of a few seats is an easy way to add variation without going crazy, whether built into the corner, banquette-style, or free-floating along one side of the table. Take a look at this Velvet Dining Bench by OROA or this Rattan Dining Bench from the brand Eichholtz which are oozing with luxurious charm.

See? Mixed-and-matched dining look doesn’t have to be so complicated! Shop from the OROA Collection and style your uniquely luxuriant dining area.

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