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Free Design Consultation
Whether you’re thinking about upgrading your interiors or remodeling your space, there are many options to consider. For some, it can be difficult to make a choice if you don’t have a designer’s eye. OROA now offers a free design consultation that engages you with our top of the line experts on interior design.

Consult with Our Design Expert
Consultations can take time from your day, but with our free service you can schedule an appointment at your own leisure. Clients can call from the phone, email, video call, or chat so as to provide different avenues and accessibility for your requests. Designers will listen to your ideas and patiently work out a detailed plan for your home furnishings.  

Concept and Idea
Furnishing your home can take many considerable steps in terms of style, space, and functionality. We work closely with clients in order to visualize and conceive their dream interiors. Hiring an interior designer is always a challenge, however we work with top designer consultants that have experience in mid-century modern, contemporary, minimalism, luxury, etc. Innovation and fresh ideas will be brought to the table so we could enhance your space.


The last step is carrying out the vision and making the magic happen. Designers are involved in the execution process working out any concern that the clients might have with the final product. Aligning and creating a cohesive room/home that will set us apart from our competitors. Contact us now so we could help you create your desired atmosphere for your interiors.

Fill out this form below and our interior design expert will contact you within 24 hours.

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