Welcome to the “GATEWAY HOLIDAY”, the entry way into the all-consuming holiday season, OROA is here to help you spruce up your home in anticipation for the upcoming festive season. There are so many decor options but first and foremost you should start with is your entryway so your guest can enjoy your festive decor as soon as they walk into your home. Although your dining table is the focal point, the door and entryway are what set the overall mood of your festive season.


An unexpected festive detail added to your home during the holidays are VASES! Use unique yet elegant vases and fill them with autumn-hued flowers for a complete table setting matching your Thanksgiving color scheme. Another simple decorative detail you could use to liven up your home for your guests are THROW PILLOWS. Decorative pillows are an easy way to add different Fall colors, patterns and textures so your design isn't one dimensional. 



Last but not least, THE DINING TABLE! If you are the one in charge of hosting your Christmas festivities this holiday we want you to be able to invite as many guest as you want without having to worry about where everyone is going to sit; OROA has found the most perfect dining tables where you sit up to 10-12 guests all at once! Whether you choose to go for a classic rectangular table or a more unique oval dining table, OROA has made sure your guest will all fit comfortably.