interior design trends 2020
Colors will become the new neutrals. Geometric shapes will show up everywhere. And did you hear about the "jungalow" look already? Discover all what you need to kick-start the new year by adding some 2020 trends to your home.


Curved furniture has been around for decades, from Victorian chaises to mid-century chairs, and the bold trend is making waves again. If you’re looking for a way to add flair to any room, these pieces of curved Kinley chairs should be the next purchase you make for your home.


For the longest time, wood furniture was made to look perfect with right angles and smooth edges. Things have started to move in a new direction as wood slice tables starts to grow in popularity. Discover our selection of one-of-a-kind petrified wood and brass finished wood slice tables and accessories.


The enticing Helvetia Chandelier consists of two metal nine-sided polygons with integrated LED lights that form an ultra-stylish lampshade. Featuring a antique brass finish, the upper nonagon of this extraordinary luminaire shines outwards and the lower one shines inwards. Both light sources ensure pleasant, bright light and thus create a vivid atmosphere in the room.


The term is a portmanteau word of jungle and bungalow and it describes a space that’s cozy and homey like a bungalow but also wild like the jungle. It combines the sleek lines of modern design with rattan furniture and lots of plants.


Art Prints that reflect your interests, style and aesthetic priorities help make your bare walls of your home feel personal. If you have a modern sensibility and a desire to collect stylish art pieces our collection of Art prints is the perfect choice for you.