Floridian Summer: Tropical Interiors Meet Dutch Designs
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Floridian Summer: Tropical Interiors Meet Dutch Designs


 The sun is shining, it’s getting hot outside, our coats are moving to the back of the closet and sundresses are now front and center. If our wardrobe is changing with the seasons, shouldn’t our interiors change as well? It’s finally time to swap out that old gray throw for a new turquoise pillow this summer.



 Pieces like our sofa Cliveden, consisting of organic lines and a graceful swoop, create a laidback aesthetic that will have you dreaming of daiquiris on the beach. Our beautifully crafted pillow Christallo brings in a pop of green velvet that, paired with the Cliveden, adds a one-of-a-kind summer flare. Our print Barbados Gaby Fling also adds a subtle yet luxurious feel to your tropical living spaces. 

 Incorporate some lighting staples like our lantern Owen and hurricane Palisades to accentuate the brighter side of resort style living. Bring the sunshine in with our super luxe mirror Helios, artfully crafted with antique brass inspired by the golden rays of the sun. Finish off your personal paradise with our EICHHOLTZ coffee table Sceptre, fabricated with stainless steel and an exquisite silhouette.


Perhaps you’ll be stuck at your full time job, sitting in a cubicle answering phones but if you can’t have your perfect summer, that doesn’t mean your perfect summer can’t come to you. What better way to get away than to make your escape Floridian.

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