There is no better statement lighting piece than a contemporary chandelier. Whether you want to add some sparkle with a modern crystal chandelier in the foyer, or a modern dining room lantern over the dining table, a large contemporary chandelier can easily become the focal point of a room, or a modern accent to highlight your overall design. We have many options available, from classic crystal chandeliers, gold and silver lanterns, to modern and contemporary hanging lights. 

Our modern and contemporary chandeliers are and always will be curated to complement sophisticated approaches to modern design. Now it’s up to you! Replacing an old chandelier with a fresh new modern light can update your dining room or kitchen in an instant. Let OROA help you distinguish your modern style.

The Eichholtz Murano Collection comes in 2 different styles (drop and round) and 3 different finishes (smoke, champagne and clear). The lucid drop or loop chandelieris formed of a series of long sculptural acrylic drops which let reflected light sparkle from the internal light fittings. Each chandelier has a circular frame and chain support hanger. Perfect for any room in the house. Adds a simple yet luxurious touch to any living area with this beautiful chandelier. No wonder it is our customer's favor chandelier.

The Eichholtz Azure Chandelier Collection features a industrial cage glass chandelier. Modern and polished with clean lines and bevelled clear glass panels separated by a polished nickel or bronze finish, makes this piece both practical and stylish. The lighting piece features either three (large) or one (small) bulb placers to illuminate your space.

Recently added to our collection are the mid century modern sputnik chandeliers that come in various sizes, shapes and finishes. These chandeliers from Eichholtz will create a modern inspired space with its industrial style design. The frame holds clear glass lamp holders spread in different directions to light up every corner of your home.