Shop the Destination: Italy


We will be taking you to Italy with our original Eichholtz designs and transforming your home with our chosen color palette. With spring in full effect we turned to one of our favorite spring destinations for inspiration this season, Italia. Bring the fresh feel of  La Dolce Vita directly into your interior spaces with OROA. 


Bringing Italy's fresh and warm glow into your living spaces is all about keeping your color palette warm. Selecting the right furniture to go with your already designed home can be difficult, but adding a warm color will bring that fresh Italian feel you've been looking for. Express your love for La Dolce Vita by shopping from our new collection.


Northern Italia

Northern Italy's color palette differs from the colors your encounter in the southern regions of Italy. When in Northern Italy, you come across colors that are still rich but expand beyond earth tones. With their fresh fields and oceans, the north brings spring to a whole other level.

Southern Italia

 Southern Italy's interior design style is completely different from the design you come across in Northern Italy. In the south, you see rich, warm and subtle colors with more earthy tones such as dark reds, deep greens and neutrals such as browns.