Shop the Room: Modern Mirrored Parlor

Mirrored furniture has been popular since the 1920s and 1930s; nowadays designers have been remodernizing the reflective finish as a way to upgrade small spaces and make them appear larger. Making your living areas appear larger can be tedious but revitalizing your rooms with extra light (be it natural or artificial) is the key element we must implement when designing a home. 

How to incorporate mirrored furniture in your home:

When designing a space using mirrors less is more; which is why when creating our Modern Mirrored Parlor we incorporated mirror products along with our gorgeous crystal decor accents creating the illusion of this gorgeous, bright, amplified room.

A reflective surface isn’t always necessarily delivered by mirrors alone as demonstrated in our Modern Mirrored Parlor above. If your wall is occupied with wall lights like our distinguished Crystal Glass Wall Lamp, mirrored furniture is an alternative way to reap the benefits of mirrors like the use of our luxury Square Coffee Table. This square coffee table created the illusion of an extending ceiling and a distinguished reflection of our elegant Glass Layered Chandelier, perfect example of the flattering effects of mirrored furnishing.