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The Egyptian Look

The Egyptian style is one that has been considered one of the most well rounded styles available. It is also the source of all European design styles. It involves a rich interior with bold colors. A luxurious feel for your home comes from the elegance that is Egyptian design. The furniture in this style has been carried out in mostly black and gold. Using rounded corners, rectangular shapes, and mostly black wood, you elevate your interior.



 W A L K  L I K E  A N   . . . . 





Rich Colors & Dark Wood

Neutral walls are your go to choice to begin your style journey in Egyptian design. Pick warm neutrals like beige, light yellow, or light browns. It balances the gold and black of the decorations. The use of dark wood creates a rich, inviting atmosphere in a home. 










Functional Furniture 

Proportional furniture is an important aspect of this ancient style form. You want your furniture to be comfortable and fit perfectly as if it was always meant to be placed there. Go for strict geometric lines with rounded corners and the high rise bed with a canopy. Large lamps, tall ceramic vases, jewelry boxes, and decorations with animals are a great touch as well. The Egyptian style is maximalism at its most elegant.







Metals & Geometry

Be excessive in your play with gold and give yourself a chance to get creative on where you use it. Incorporate it into your furniture or even on the hanging artwork. Take advantage and allow this design to transport you to another world. Geometric lines are just as important and so is symmetry in a space. Be observant and intentional with your placement of decor. A successful interpretation of the source of European design will be luxurious from the moment you enter the room.




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