eichholtz dining chairs
The Dining Room area is a place where guests, family members, and loved ones gather around to eat, drink, as well as celebrate special occasions. Part of the essence of hospitality is comfort. When hosting events around the dining room area one of the most prominent pieces are the dining chairs. Now that spending time with our family or loved ones has become the norm during these months, revamping and stylizing your dining room can be a question of aesthetic taste. Let us assist in helping you choose what dining room chairs could best fit your needs . . .

Make it Mid-Modern
heck the Eichholtz Cooper Chair, a Mid-Century Modern look that can instantly appeal to your guests and help people gravitate towards the dining room area. Available in many colors and in sets of 2, this dining chair has a backrest that is curved and can assist in comfort while also exemplifying style. This chair is also designed for everyday use as it is minimalistic in detail.

Fill it in with Filmore
Bring a vintage look with the Eichholtz Filmore, a dining chair that also comes in many colors and in sets of 2. It's black frame and bent backrest add a comforting yet stylish appeal to the dining room area. Luxurious in it's delivery, this chair can be a perfect addition to a dining room that will make for a brilliant surrounding with family and friends.

Really Retro
We can't talk about luxury without mentioning the Eichholtz Singer Chair coming in sets of 2 and available in many colors as well, this chair brings a retro look that can fit into a modern setting. With a curved backrest that adds a comfortable appeal to the design and effortlessly blended with the hind legs, this chair has a definitive and sleek style that will be eye-catching for your interiors.

Welcome back Willis
Create a sublime atmosphere with Eichholtz Willis Chair, a comfortable Mid-Century modern piece that can enhance your interiors with simplicity and style. Lush and defined, the backrest for these chairs is also curved for an irresistible back support that is ideal for comfort. Available in many colors and coming in sets 2, there is an assortment of possibilities for adorning your interiors with style. 



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