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Marble has made a modern twist in the world of interior design. It is strong, powerful and will last a lifetime. At OROA we have many modern furniture pieces available from Europe's leading furniture brand, Eichholtz.

We can all agree that marble is nothing new. Ancient Greeks were pretty much fascinated by it, and built majestic structures that stand to this day. The fact that modern furniture designers are bringing marble back is, however, quite fascinating. It's been around us for centuries, but now we're starting to see it being used as an inspiring material in modern interior design.

Marble Coffee tables
The featured black marble coffee table comes in diamond black faux marble and defines sophisticated style with a contemporary twist. It's also available in white faux marble. This style of coffee table also comes in a set, and combines 3 unique small marble tables into one stunning living room arrangement.

Marble Coffee Table | Eichholtz | OROA - Luxury Furniture Online

Marble Dining tables
Gather with your family around a beautiful modern marble dining room table. It is the perfect statement piece to bring into your home. You can elevate the style of your kitchen or dining room with our selection of simple, yet elegant marble tables that come in a wide variety of sizes and shapes. Featured below is our Eichholtz Henley series, it comes in different table options for you dining and living room area.

Marble Dining room tables | Eichholtz | Buy Online at

Marble Accent pieces
Marble furniture are usually used on large areas in the spacious and luxurious interiors. It is strong, powerful and will last a lifetime. Do not be afraid to invest in a piece of furniture made of marble, it can withstand a lot of wear and tear. At OROA we also have a wide range of accent pieces available, like marble decorative colums. Or do something totally different and add a marble wall decor set on your wall, like shown below. Crafted entirely with faux marble the elegantly designed Eichholtz Faux Marble wall decor is the ideal piece for styling up your modern interior.

Marble Accent Pieces | Eichholtz | OROA - Luxury Furniture Online


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