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Bring in a fresh look with these beautiful Earth and Classic Blue colored furniture and decor. The hues bring a breezy energy and freshen up your interiors for this summer. Now that everything is slowly opening up and going back to normal, we feel the need for a warmth to welcome us back into the outside world. Furniture is a big part of our outdoor space as well, the materials that are used including rattan, cane, or wicker can make for a long lasting combination that is perfect for summer or versatile in any other season. 


Let’s revisit cane furniture and webbing, a look that is a favorite amongst outdoor furniture and continues to thrive as a summer essential piece. Cane is derived from part of the rattan plant.

Produced by peeling off the skin of the rattan vine, then the product is wrapped in solid hardwood, steel, or aluminum frames to create stylish furniture pieces.

Check the Eichholtz Adagio, a classic Rattan Chair that can bring a classy look to your interiors effortlessly while also being sturdy and comfortable. When you bring this aesthetic to your home, it can make for a tropical look.

Rattan is a material commonly used in tropical places because of it's reliable and long lasting properties.


Incorporate the wicker material into your outdoor/home area, another favorite that is light yet sturdy. Traditionally, wicker is derived from different plants such as Willow, Rattan, Reed, and Bamboo.

This material is versatile as it is used to make tables, chairs, and lamps. For example take the Eichholtz Residence. Simplistic in design, yet sturdy and long lasting. Bringing a classic look to your outdoor space or even in your home. 

With a beige or brown look, these furniture pieces bring out the look and feel of summer and incorporate a soft palette that can be integrated with just about any aesthetic.

Include these favorites into your interiors and bring an emphasis to your other decorative objects as these colors can emphasize the rest of the room. These hues are versatile in their delivery.

Ocean Blue

A color that brings the seaside feeling and brings a look of paradise to your home. Touch up your home with these blue favorites. From chairs, tables, decor and more! whether you are changing your summer home or even refurnishing the look of your home, these pieces can make a splash all-season long.

For example, check the Eichholtz Avorio in Blue velvet. Soft in material and vibrant in color, this chair can make for a nice addition to your interiors and bring a beachy feel to your home.

Although deep in hue, it can be incorporated with the soft look of rattan or cane and add a luxurious look as well.

Classic Blue is the Pantone color of the year, for it's soothing feel that can bring a dreamy look to your home. Check out more decor and items in this color below!

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