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Dome Deco is a Belgium based bespoke interior design company founded by Stefan Verheyen, a man with a mission. The European designer has a heart for sophistication and all the artful inspiration that the world has to offer. Having built a remarkable reputation for more than 15 years, the company now claims its spotlight as one of the most sought after international brands in the world of interior design.

Cosmopolitan and contemporary defines the design concept of this interior label. It’s for the ones who delights in urban lifestyle with a dash of luxury and sophistication.

Expect stylishly ergonomic chairs, minimalist abstract artworks, modern side tables and more from Dome Deco's Collection created in partnership with OROA.

4 Furniture Pieces You’ll Love From Dome Deco

1.Minimalist Shell Dining Chair | Dome Deco Sigma. Light, stackable and refined describes the main features of the Sigma chair. A minimal form that doesn't compromise on comfort or ergonomics. Because of its intrinsic design, this chair is a fit for almost every interior or space. 2.Black Iron Side Table | Dome Deco Mason"
2.Black Iron Side Table | Dome Deco Mason. The organic and dynamic shapes of our side tables in black and beige, create an interesting feel in your living space. A bold item that has an impact as an individual piece as well as an intriguing combo.

3. Modern Upholstered Sofa | Dome Deco Curve. The name of the Curve refers to the round-shaped, fully upholstered sofa and stool. The seats look ample and full, yet convey a sense of lightness. Their inviting appeal reflects comfort and relaxation, making the Curve duo ideally suited for home decor as well as more formal venues.

4.Gold Edged Pedestal Coffee Table | Dome Deco Marais. Discover our Marais collection consisting of end tables, coffee tables, bistro tables, bar tables, and low dining tables. This collection is simple, minimalistic, and functional. The strength of the metal base ensures stability and the tabletop comes in different materials of your choice.

Dome Deco’s "Cosmopolitan Living" gives rise to its cultured and polished vibe. It has a strong passion to travel and collect inspiration from all over the world, transforming these adventures into their products through colors and textures, resulting in a cozy and elegant ambience.

What sets Dôme Deco apart from other brands is how it uses contrasts to create a truly distinct and authentic style. It is a master in artfully combining various elements and forms (warm-cold, light-dark, city-village, masculine-feminine, urban-rural), claiming uniqueness as the company’s defining attribute.

Create a sophisticated home with Dome Deco's Collection.
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