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The organic lines and round edges of a curved furniture lend the room a lovely combination of modern and feminine vibes. OROA’s collection of curved furniture reflects its passion for refined craftsmanship and iconic designs. Each piece adds a quiet yet striking appeal to the home interior. These luxurious European furnishings bring a sense of smooth flow to a space.

Due to its undulating design, the curved furniture trend can be trickier to integrate in home decor but our experts will guide you in designing a harmonious place that you wouldn’t want to escape from.

Here Are Our Designer’s Top 3 Tips For Decorating With Curved Furniture:

1. Place it towards the center of the room. Unlike the traditional sharp-angled furnishings, curved furniture can’t be pressed against a wall. Display your curved items, like a luxurious boucle sofa or scalloped accent chair from Eichholtz in the middle of the room, or make sure there is a gap between them and a wall or corner to avoid looking clunky. This placement also allows you to relish the sumptuous arcs of your interior in every angle.

2. Maintain a flow. It's crucial to consider the positioning of curved furniture when decorating. Each piece should produce a flow that drifts in the same direction to create a harmonious aesthetic. Unless they're designed to be symmetrical in some way, opposing curves might make it appear uncoordinated. Try our modular sofas or other velvet upholstered accent sofas which are easier to pair with other curved furniture.

3. Less is more. If too many dramatic curves are crammed into one space, the area can be overwhelming or it might even create a nauseating vibe! It's better to use a centerpiece like a curved velvet sofa or swivel upholstered chair in each space where you want to draw attention and balance it out with simpler pieces.

Decorating with curved furniture can be a lot of fun! The effect is a luxurious and cozy environment when selected and placed stylishly. Channel the 70s style in your interior with our collection of timeless and high quality curved pieces for your design inspiration!

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