Metals such as gold and silver give an exquisite touch to your interior, but there's another option that works just as well. Introducing: brass accents. Many interior designers and decorators are incorporating brass elements into their projects. Brass finishes no longer look antiquated if used with finesse. We hope you enjoy this fine finish and get inspired!


How to get your Dream Look:

When cool metals like silver and chrome are combined with warm metals like gold, brass, and nickel, the result is a rich burst of color and texture. Many people believe that matching finishes is the best way to coordinate their house or kitchen, however this frequently results in a monochrome and antiquated appearance.

We're frequently asked which metals go best together, and the answer is that they all can...as long as the design purpose is obvious! Because metals are designed to be combined, don't be concerned about whether they'll "get together," and instead focus on making each finish a meaningful complement to your room. Just beware! Do not mix colors that are very similar in appearance and finish, or it will look like a mismatched set was done by mistake.


Feeling Inspired?

Experiment with metal in your home, but don't go crazy. What is our rule of thumb? Limit yourself to two different types of finishes. If there's a statement item or the metals are spread out over a broad area, three is possible, but ideally you'll want two metals, a dominant tone and an accent. Check out our brass finish collection for beautiful pieces that will inspire you!