Bazaar Way of Life

BAZAAR BEAUTY | Always dreamed of shopping at a bazaar with beautiful patterns and bold colors that leave lasting impressions? Our collection is a perfect emphasis for those who crave this atmosphere. These pieces are exotic in shape and the color can bring a lively mood to your space. There are several key factors that can emphasize a Bazaar element to your interiors. The first being bold and vivid color schemes.


Color Crazy
There is nothing that says bohemian or middle eastern like vivid tones that can accentuate any monotone room you walk into. Our Eichholtz Ace Yellow Bowl can work as a decorative side piece or the centerpiece on a dining table. With its sensual shape that pushes for an Art Deco aesthetic while incorporating a tropical element, this bowl is a perfect addition to any interiors.


Work Vintage into your home
Retro furniture is steadily breathing new life into the furniture industry. Bazaars tend to have vintage items on display that are inclusive for bargain shoppers. Check this Eichholtz Exotic Sun Mirror, with its detailed design that makes for eye catching decor. Whether you hang it in the living room or bathroom, this mirror can add a touch of bohemian to any space.

Bring In Some Sun
Nothing says exotic like the Eichholtz Palm Desert Candle holder, which not only can illuminate your interiors but can also make for luxurious decor. This piece can also hint at a vintage feel that pushes the bazaar aesthetic as well. The Palm Tree Candle Holder can also enhance a room’s brightness with brass finish.


Bronze Sculptures
Last but not least, the overall feeling of a bazaar market is exotic sculptures that add a distinct visual touch to any space. Look for our Exotic Elephant Sculpture in our collection, adding dimension and a fresh look to your interior. Majestic in essence, this sculpture can work as a side decorative piece or as the center piece in your living room area.




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