Making a Cozy Corner

As the weather outside becomes cooler, we are spending more time indoors finding new ways to relax. This is the perfect time of the year to make yourself a cozy corner and to update your mantelpieces. You want your cozy corner to be in a sense, an extension of yourself- an extension of what makes you comfortable. It is your safe space, your escape. This is where you rest after a long day. 

The first thing to keep in mind is that because of its purpose, every cozy corner is different. Self care is different for everyone. So these will be some tips or recommendations to get your started on your cozy corner journey. Accent chairs are a great way to get started with your space. Pick a chair that speaks to you, or one you see yourself sitting in comfortably during your free time.

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The beauty of an accent chair is that they don't always need to be paired with another chair, they can stand on their own. Add a pouf or ottoman by the chair to lay back and relax. A small side table for your books, tea or candles give you the space to do what you need to spend proper time at home.  A small circular rug could be a great addition as well. It keeps the space put together and unified. 

Mantelpieces add excitement to the space, and an extra touch personality. Prints are a modern look to add to it and an elegant accessory set for the fireplace. At this time of year, decorating with autumnal colors creates a cozy environment. 

Modern Dutch Designs




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