velvet colorful furniture

Expect velvet to be the texture you'll see everywhere! Its retro qualities are clearly being re-appreciated. Whether you're looking to nod to the trend in a subtle way or have long waited for this Gatsby-inspired movement to enter your home, you have come to the right place.

For those of you who are obsessed with the cozy, luxurious fabric – 2018 is off to a great start as Eichholtz released a lot of new velvet seating options, such as chairs, stools and sofas.

Think big & bright!
This plush, multi-dimensional fabric will be 2018’s go-to upholstery option. Though it might have once been considered old-fashioned or fussy, a new bohemian age of design has claimed it for its own. For maximum effect, think big and bright!

Velvet furniture Eichholtz | OROA #1 Online Eichholtz Retailer

Darker pastel shades
Darker shades of pastels make a huge come-back in the new velvet collection of Eichholtz. Ultra Violet is described as ‘A dramatically provocative and thoughtful purple shade,’ and expresses a fascination with what’s possible, both here on earth and in the cosmos. Wine Red is another new color in the collection. This rich, vibrant red projects confidence and will have staying power beyond the holiday season. Tropical versions of the shade green are also favorite this year, from palmtree patterns to statement green furniture.



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