Tropical Allure
Tropical elegance at your fingertips. 
Enjoy your summer in comfort with new Eichholtz products in stock now. We are spending our summer this year in a daze, experiencing it like never before. Take time and recreate the tropics in your own home. Get inspired by tropical architecture, a style that focuses on wide open spaces in your home and the use of plants for shading. 
Isay Weinfeld, one of Brazil’s top contemporary architects, designs anything from private residences to public gallery spaces. His work brings the outdoors into a modern space and coexists with the world around it. The use of plant life, natural wood, and wide open spaces in his designs begs the question - what does luxury mean to you?






“Luxury in architecture is not different from luxury in life. Luxury is having what makes you happy at home. Luxury are spaces that make you take a deep breath, that amaze you, that make you think, find it strange, that move you…” - Isay Weinfeld. 










Rainforest Green

A glamorous tropical paradise is calling, and we have all you need for you to live in it. Enjoy the balance of neutrals, natural wood, and the sight of palm leaves and recreate the scenery of the rainforest within your home. Use the  Green Leaf Pillow  and pair it with the Stella Stool  nearby for an exotic and textured feel.  The stool carries a minimalistic look that adds to the simplicity that can be paradise living. 




Rattan Furniture
Stop your search for summer because the Pierre Jeanneret inspired collection is here, made with solid wood and hand woven rattan. The rattan palm is a strong, fibrous plant that is used to create furniture because of its durability, weight, and aesthetic. The Agustin chair has a unique form and a touch of elegance. It's natural elements provide you with a clean yet carefree vibe within your home. 









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