It's the time of the year again. We are inviting you and your friends to our Fall Clearance SALE. Still looking for the perfect chandelier for your foyer or a sofa for your living room? Get your favorite Eichholtz furniture pieces now with up to 70% off. We hope to make your life more pleasant and easier, therefore our Editor in Chief selected the top pieces in sale for you:

Black & White | Sophisticated Chic
Bringing a sense of sophistication and refined elegance, black and white rooms are guaranteed to never go out of style. The obvious contrast between the two colors allows you to highlight specific architectural features and decor additions with ease. While other color schemes come and go with changing seasons and interior design trends, black and white offers a safe alternative that stays relevant even decades down the line.
Black & White Furniture and Accessories | Eichholtz by OROA - Luxury Furniture Online

A touch of gold
Metals reflectance is a great pairing with the crispness of white and will make it look warm and inviting. Adding gold to your home does not mean you have to go back to an era long gone by. Traditional and Victorian designs are not the only settings that have welcome this shiny yellow metal. Contemporary white interiors with golden accents look both stylish and stunning. From the earthy metallic to the extravagant sparkle, gold is the new bold. Add some spark to your white room with our amazing accessories.  

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