Celebrating 25 years of experience, Eichholtz has grown into one of the most well-known and reputable brand of luxury furniture, lighting and accessories in the world. Taking pride in creating furniture, lighting and accessories that exceeds the industry’s highest standards of design, quality and durability, Eichholtz has furnished more than 100.000 stores, hotels, rooms, clubs and restaurants throughout the world.

The 25th anniversary, held in Amsterdam, the Netherlands this week, was all about celebrating the success of Eichholtz and with all partners worldwide. OROA’s managing partner Gaby Kloekke was of course part of this great event and is happy to share her experiences with you:

"Beautiful table decoration at Eichholtz HQ, lunch served by a 3 Michelin star restaurant - delicious food"

"So much new inspiration for interior design, I can't wait to share these ideas with my clients in the USA"


"Meeting with fellow Eichholtz partners from all over the world. On the left: the Australian Eichholtz partner. On the right: a great Interior Designer from the UK, Philipe Marques and Edwin van der Gun, Head Designer of Eichholtz."